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Buttons for Alexa - Help page


- Amazon is limiting connections occasionally, it may happen app fails to connect to Alexa and cannot run the routine. You will have to retry later.

- Backup import is not working on app version <= 7.4


Check the tutorial to get started:


Notice: Routine with response output set to Alexa phone may not work. Use the default option "the device you speak to" or a real Echo device

PRO license

Free version allow to run only one routine (the first on the list). All other routines will not be executed. All other advanced features (labels, Tasker, etc) will work only with the license

Widgets are not working

If your phone/tablet launcher does not allow you to add a widget on your phone main screen, we suggest you to install a third-party launcher, for example Nova Launcher.
If the widget is added on the main screen, but when you press it does not do anything please check:
- Open main left menu, go on Settings and choose Reset widgets
- Open your phone settings, go on Buttons for Alexa app settings and ensure Auto run permission is granted
- Optionally, you may try to disable all battery saving permission for this app, check the tutorial dontkillmyapp.com/

Nothing works

First try uninstall and reinstall the app to redo Alexa login correctly
Ensure you have setup routine correctly, check this page

Remove app access from my Amazon

Open https://www.amazon.com/ap/adam on your browser and follow the instructions

2021/12/02 - New release 7.4

- Restored previous Alexa account. Please redo Amazon login from Settings if routines aren't working

2021/11/02 - New release 7.2

- Added Android 12 Controls support. Quickly activate routines from your Android lockscreen More info here

2020/11/05 - New release 5.4

- Added On/Off routine state (execute two actions, like open garage and close garage) More info here

- Tasker support

- Allow widget custom icon picker

- Added choose amazon alexa language

- Added redo amazon login

2020/07/20 - New release 4.0

- Added Google Assistant support. Start your ruotine without using hand! More info here

- Fixed widget issue on old Android version with stock launcher

2020/04/22 - New release 2.0

- Now you can add one or more label to each alexa routine.
Add the new Buttons for Alexa Label widget to your phone to execute all the alexa routines at once. The tasks are executed on the same priority they are saved on the app list

- Added export/import backup on the settings menu

- Added reset app data on settings menu to solve app crash when coming from beta app version